Petticoat Punishment

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As the young lady began to lace the tight corset into the small of Timmy’s back, his aunt continued with her phone conversation.

“Yes I told you it would be fine, he is having his uniform fitted as we speak. Yes six sharp, I’ll see you then.” She then placed the phone down on the sumptuous leather chair she was lounging in.

“Timothy Darling, you can’t imagine how much this will help, I know it won’t be easy for you, but I promise to compensate you handsomely,” Explained his aunt.

This was good, Timmy was broke, she had paid him a thousand to be dressed as a schoolgirl and be photographed. Now she was going to pay him two thousand to act as her maid and serve drinks at a her birthday party.

The corset tightly laced, the young lady produced a pair of satin panties of black lace, she placed them before Timmy’s small naked feet; for a second he hesitated.

“Step in Timmy, don’t let me down.” Said Aunt Jane, in a stern manor Timmy had not heard her use before. He raised his foot and placed it through the silky opening, his next foot soon followed.

“How sweet, he’s a natural, I’m sure he will do well” said the young girl sliding the silken garment up Timmy’s shaved legs. Once she has smoothed the panties around his small penis, she turned her attention to a large box. From it she withdrew a garment that brought a sly smile to her face, a beaming smile from Aunty Jane’s and a sharp intake of breath from Timmy.

The colour was a perfect match for Timmy’s panties, sheer black, which was convenient for they would be on constant display due to the short length of the skirt, the selves were short also, but as for the rest of the design it was difficult to make out. The dress was a cascade of frills and bows, Timmy had never see address like it, even on a baby or a young girl.

his apprehension was becoming obvious, yet both Jane and the assistant had seen it all before, they each took hold of one of Timmy’s arms, a quick smack on the boys bottom followed by the word “in” was all it took for Timmy to step into the skirt, his arms quick quickly followed, the zip was pulled up his back and he was in the dress, he never even noticed the sound of the click of the padlock that now secured him in his silken prison.

A pair of Mary Janes followed and a silk bow was tied in his hair, the boy was now a sissy and the sissy was ready for his big moment. “Just walk around like we practiced,” said Aunt Jane. “Do good and I’ll give you some extra money.” Said Aunt Jane.

At this, the curtain opened and the flashbulbs went off, a new sissy was borne as she strutted down the catwalk. Aunty was pleased.

The Petticoat Punishment