Petticoat Punishment

A larger frame

A sissy in her corset

If you are of the school of thought that the larger gentlemen in your life will be impossible to feminize, then read on and we will break the myth for you.

As you can see from the accompanying photo the full figured feminized male is a possibility, and the results can be spectacular. No matter what size he is at the start we can grantee excellent results, and can prove without any issue, that we will be able to have your hubby or boyfriend fully petticoated and under your strict control in no time

We as the dominant sex need to understand that the male is weak of willpower and inner strength, the best we can do for him is to fully feminize and dominate, it is the mind we have to take control of. Take command of that, and the body; no matter how large or physically strong will follow.

Once you have him under your control your life will be forever for the better. Better in the home, better at work, and better in the bedroom.