Petticoat Punishment

A well deserved spanking

A spanking for sissy

A naughty sissy gets a well deserved spanking form her strict aunty

“The Next time I tell you to tidy up your room, I expect it to be done that instant, is that clear young man?”

“Yes Aunty Jane.”

“That’s better, I want to make it as obvious as possible; I want you to understand your new position in this house, naughty boys who don’t do as they are told will go over Auntie’s knee for a good bare bottom spanking.”


Spank, spank, spank, went aunt Jane’s hand on the sore bottom of her poor nephew’s exposed tender bottom. He had been sent to live with her for the next three months, and it was her firm intention that he would be returned as the obedient sissy his mother had requested.

“Yes what?”

Aunt Jane demanded, accompanied with appropriate attention to the now red bottom over her knee, as she looked at its crimson colour she felt that she was going to enjoy the training of her new charge.

“Yes Aunty Jane.”

“That’s better: putting you into school uniform was just going to be a punishment for today, it has now become obvious to me that you require a more sustained degree of punishment. You will stay in girl’s attire for the whole of your time with me, and you will go over my knee dressed in your little pink nightdress for a spanking every night at your new bedtime, six O’clock.”

“Ouch, yes Aunty Jane”

Sometimes, but not always, it’s just that easy.