Petticoat Punishment

Baby sitter for sissy

A new baby sitter for sissy

A naughty sissy gets a new babysitter, it will be a pink bottom and early to bed from now on.

“Turn around young lady; I would like you to meet your new babysitter.” “This is Mistress Jenkins; she will be your new babysitter from now on. You will obey her without question. I will warn you now, she has been given full spanking and discipline privileges over you, I have shown her were we keep all the spanking items we use on your naughty bottom, so you will need to be extremely well behaved or suffer the consequences.”

“What a pretty sissy maid!”

“Don’t let the sweet looks fool you, this little minx has been a very naughty girl. She finished her sissy training last year and all seamed ok, then after she was placed with her first mistress she began to play up, then she ran away. She’s now under constant supervision and you will need to strict with her at all times.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem, I have little system that works for me, plenty of spanking, plenty of corner time, early to bed.”

“That’s just the sort of control we are looking for, I’m sure you will do fine.”