Petticoat Punishment

Busy Day for a sissy

New sissy

A new sissy gets his first taste of feminisation

From the looks of this, it seems you will be with us for some time. You have been sent to us for placement on the full feminisation program. And for some considerable time too; well I guess that’s what happens to naughty boys who get on the wrong side if the law.

First we will need to get you fully shaved, and then you will be fitted with one of our new chastity devices. Don’t worry, there far more combatable than the old ones, and far more secure. Then you will be butt plugged and dressed in your first training uniform. From the instructions I have hear you are to be an under-maid for the first year and then you will be reviewed.

I can let you know, if you reach the end of your first year and do not have a good record of behaviour and acceptance, you will not be graduated and will stay on the undermaid program.