Petticoat Punishment

House Rules

New mistress sissy caption

“Your mistress has just been on the phone and explained she will not be able to come back to collect you until the middle of next month.”

“O, I’m not sure what to do.” “Well don’t be silly girl, you will have to stay here; you would be picked up in two minutes if I sent you out like that. What do you think the boys on the corner would do if they saw a sexy little maid walking on her own, all dolled up in her pink dress and high heel’s?”

“I don’t know miss.”

“They would drag you into a dark ally and have their way with you silly girl: or maybe that’s what you want? I wouldn’t be surprised.”

“O, no miss”

“No, you will have to stay here, with me as my maid. At least you are already half trained, although you fall far below the expectations I have for a sissy maid in my home. I intend to correct that, Your mistress is young and has much to learn, I feel this may be the cause of your poor attitude, she has up till now been far to lenient with you, hear you will learn perfect sissy behaviour, or you will suffer the consequences.

And I will let you know right away, you will be treated in the strictest manor possible.

You will be up and ready for inspection by eight, serve me breakfast at nine thirty; you will do all the house work and other chorus I set you by three. Then you will get into your nightdress and be ready for your daily spanking, then it will be corner time and bed by six.

Do you understand sissy

Yes mam

You will call me mistress from now on

Yes mistress.

That’ a good girl