Petticoat Punishment

just Right

A spanking for sissy

Hear at Petticoat Punishment we appreciate the work of an experienced mistress. Take a look at this naughty bottom, well spanked all over. What the girls call a “goldilocks, spanking” not too much, not too little, just right. I’m quite sure the owner of this bottom will be thinking twice the next time she feels the pull to misbehave.

Even though you may have your sissy in her maids dress, makeup and heels she may, on occasion, forget her place and need a good spanking. And you as a mistress should not hesitate to go straight to it.

Just like this silly girl, she got herself a spanking for talking back to her mistress; something she should never do. Sometimes you may feel that sissy should be given a chance and you should show leniency. But keep in mind; it’s not punishment, its training.

A sissy of the BMA is under your command, and you are responsible for her new attitude to life.