Petticoat Punishment

New Mistress

A new mistress for sissy

As you can see I don’t go in for all the frilly stuff, I prefer to keep you in the slut look. For me feminisation is all about acceptance, both from the part of the sissy and the public in General.

I don’t think the public are ready for a mistress to be walking around with her sissy on a lead dressed as a French maid. Yet I do long for the day we could do that.

I find it easy to dress you like this, that way you can pass in the street and you don’t get too much attention.

Now, we are ready to go out and I can warn you right now, I don’t want you flirting with the boys. I know it’s hard, but when a boy is forced to dress as you are it can be tempting to act the slut.

Plenty of time for that when I get you back in the bedroom later.