Petticoat Punishment

Sweet Sissy

Sweet sissy girl

You can mope about as much as you like young man, you know the rules. One week of petticoat punishment for missing your curfew. I told you to be indoors at seven, not seven fifteen! But aunty, it wasn’t my fault, the bus was late. Then you should have left earlier, you know full well the buses don’t keep to the timetable that makes it worse, you obviously can’t manage when you are out alone. I may have to start thinking of keeping you in all the time, and only letting you out when you are with me or a responsible adult. That way I could keep you dressed in your sissy clothing more often and I want have to sit around worrying were you are. O, aunty please no more sissy dress up If you don’t change your behavior then you will be in your sissy clothes more often that your ugly boy stuff.