Petticoat Punishment


Sissy in pink with bows

A happy little pink sissy maid, so nice when they don’t resist there feminisation.

“Brandi is my forth sissy, and I must say she’s by far the best; it’s not just that she’s cute and girly, it’s that she’s so happy with her feminization; a happy little sissy, just the way I like them.”

“Well she certainly looks the part; will she be with you long?”

“O yes, I’m going to keep this one, in the past I’ve only had them for about a year or so, then they send me the next one; but not her, this one’s a keeper.”

“I can see were your common from, but the willing ones can fetch a high price, you could open up that little sissy school you always dreamed about.”

“Well that’s the whole point, it looks like I will be getting that loan from that special bank, we can both stat it, and Bradie can help in the training of the new girls; I live the thought of sissies training sissies. Wont that be nice Brandie?”