Petticoat Punishment

The Tiny twisting road I was driving down seemed to be taking me further and further away from civilisation, I hadn’t met any passing cars, or pedestrians for that matter for at least half an hour, finally I saw the sign I was looking for Gragewood Manor. I pulled up in front of two large gates, as soon as I stopped they began to part and I drove into a small courtyard. The front door was adorned with a large brass boss which made a deep sound into the interior of the building. A few moments later the door opened and I was greeted by a young lady who introduced herself as Macy.

I immediately recognised Macy as what I had come to talk about, if not who I had come to interview. For Macy was undergoing a new form of experimental training conducted by the strange and elusive Behaviour Modification Authority. On the surface Macy was the rather overdressed maid of this house yet within this satin dress and lace petticoats was, if I wasn’t mistaken, a young man undergoing strict petticoat discipline.

After performing a sweet curtsy Macy took my coat, hung it on a wooden peg and asked me to follow her, she lead me into a study, and said she would tell mistress I had arrived. I was about to meet the mistress of the house.