Petticoat Punishment

Dear mistress

 As new mistress there are still many things I don’t quite understand regarding the BMA, at present one thing more than most.

I have noticed that many sissies have a collar; I understand that this is an essential part of their uniform, helping them to accept their new roll.

What does confuse me are all the letters and the symbols attached.

I was wondering if you could give me clarification

 Full maids uniforms were introduced for sissy training around 1950, and have become standard use with most mistresses, collars were introduced a little later, and at first were just plain, or with lace trim.

Today sissy maid dresses and there collars are often flamboyant, overflowing with frills and bows.

 It seems the more frills and petticoats you put on a sissy the better they behave, and the collar serves this purpose well.

 Decorating a sissy maids collar began with mistresses putting their initials on them, and moved on from there.