Petticoat Punishment


forced feminisation transformation

I have been with the BMA for almost five years and in that time I have had many positions within the organisation. I have worked on the discipline side, interesting but it wasn’t for me.

I done a stint on the admin side, that’s ok, but why be involved with the BMA if you’re not going to get hands on with a sissy.

Then a college of mine told me she was going to start working on a new program the BMA was setting up. This was the beginning of the TOTAL project. The BMA’s deep research project to see how far feminisation can be taken, I loved it from the start, and I still do.

What we can do today in the field of feminisation is amazing, is not just the body modification, although that’s the bit most people get excited about, it’s all the other ingredients of the mix. You can get a feminised male to fall in love with what you are doing to them, they learn to love the process, and love the results.

At the TOTAL project we deal with all types, most are selected because they show little or no resistance to ther feminisation, indeed, a percentage (ever growing) want to join, fully understanding what we intend to do with them. But we need to keep the project in balance, so we also take in the ones showing resistance, the thing is, in the end the results are the same.

I know the BMA has some big ideas about what we’re doing as an organisation, maybe we are in effect saving men from themselves. But that isn’t my part of the jigsaw, I just get on with what I think is the best job in the world.

I love every day, and so do most, of my girls.